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What is bowel incontinence?

Bowel incontinence, also known as fecal incontinence, occurs when you are unable to control your bowel movements. It's a common concern among elderly adults and can range from a total loss of restraint to feces leaks that are irregular when passing flatulence. While fecal incontinence is not usually a severe medical concern, it has the potential to severely interrupt your everyday life. You don't have to live with bowel incontinence. Consult a GI specialist at a Connecticut GI location as soon as possible to receive the treatment needed to start enjoying your everyday life again.

What are the indicators of bowel incontinence?

There are a few signs that are evidence that fecal incontinence is occurring. The regular symptoms of bowel or fecal incontinence include:

  • The urgency to experience a bowel movement
  • Discharging stool when you are not in the bathroom, for instance, when you cough or have gas
  • Lowered recognition of the necessity to experience a bowel movement or pass gas
  • Discharge of stool or flatulence that can’t be regulated

If you believe you are experiencing bowel incontinence and need treatment for bowel incontinence, request a consultation with a GI provider at your nearest Connecticut GI location so that they can establish a care plan that will give you relief.

How is bowel incontinence treated?

Fecal incontinence is an ailment that can be addressed once the cause is identified and dependable treatment is determined. The treatment recommendations can vary; however, multiple treatments might be necessary to manage the symptoms. Noninvasive treatments for this condition usually revolve around your diet. A couple of measures to take to help include:

  • Consuming around 20 to 30 grams of fiber every day (can make stool heavy and better to manage)
  • Not consuming caffeine, as this may help to prevent diarrhea
  • Drinking several cups of water each day to hinder constipation

During your consultation with our Connecticut gastroenterology professionals, we can discuss your options for treatment.

Individualized care for GI problems

Navigating your life with bowel incontinence does not need to be your burden. Request a consultation with our gastrointestinal providers at a Connecticut GI in your area to be assessed by our team for available treatment options. We often provide care for bowel incontinence in Connecticut patients. You can trust us to help you get back to your normal routines.

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