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Mag Citrate Prep Demonstration

The Magnesium Citrate prep for a medical procedure involves taking Dulcolax tablets, two bottles of magnesium citrate, and water. It can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy. The day before the procedure, take four Dulcolax tablets in the morning and drink one bottle of magnesium citrate in the evening, followed by three glasses of water. Five hours before the procedure, drink the second bottle of magnesium citrate, followed by three more glasses of water. Expect diarrhea for several hours after completing the prep, so stay near a restroom.

NuLytely Bowel Prep Video

To prepare for a colonoscopy, you will need a gallon jug of Nu-Lytely, which can be obtained from your pharmacy. The day before the procedure, you must follow a clear liquid diet. In the morning, dilute the Nu-Lytely with a gallon of water and refrigerate it. Between 6 and 7 PM on the day before the procedure, start drinking eight ounces of the solution every 15 to 20 minutes until you have consumed half the gallon. If you experience discomfort or bloating, you can pause or lengthen the time between each glass. Six hours before the procedure, begin drinking the remaining half of the solution in the same manner. Expect diarrhea for several hours after finishing the solution, so it's important to be near a restroom.

Miralax Simple Walk Through

A simple verbal description of the Miralax Bowel Preparation.

SUTAB Demonstration

The Sutab Bow Kit includes a 16-ounce container and two bottles of pills, with each bottle containing 12 pills. Prior to your colonoscopy, you need to follow a clear liquid diet for at least 30 hours. On the day before the procedure, between 6 and 7 PM, open one bottle of Sutab and fill the container with a clear liquid of your choice. Take each pill with a sip of clear liquid and then drink two more 16-ounce containers of any clear liquid within the next hour. Five hours before the procedure, open the second bottle of Sutab, fill the container with a clear liquid to the fill line, and swallow each pill with a sip of clear liquid over 15 minutes. Once again, drink two more 16-ounce containers of any clear liquid. Expect diarrhea to continue for several hours, so it's important to stay near a restroom.

Dr. Agarwalla Channel 3 Interview

Dr. Agarwalla being interviewed on Channel 3 discussing a new study featured on CNN.

E Check-In for CTGI Patients

Review this video ahead of your appointment to familiarize yourself with the process.

Plenvu Walk Through

Plenvu Bowel Preparation mixing demonstration.

Clenpiq Bowel Preparation

Video overview of Clenpiq contents as well as how and when to take the doses prior to your colonoscopy.

Hemorrhoid Banding Educational Presentation

Kevin Jo, MD discusses Hemorrhoid Band Ligation during an educational presentation to Connecticut GI staff.

Mega Meeting Video

Overall, the meeting revolves around acknowledging and addressing the challenges faced by the staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting empathy and support, and emphasizing the significance of creating a positive and caring environment in medical practice.

CTGI Suprep Informational Video

Follow along as this video walks you through the steps and process of taking CTGI Suprep.

Hepatitis C Awareness Video Lynn Rapsilber, DNP, APRN

Lynn Rapsilber, DNP, APRN describes Hepatitis C and discuses treatment options and at risk patients.

Importance of Colon Cancer Screening Dr Anjou

Dr. Anjou from Connecticut GI discusses the importance of colon cancer screening. To learn more about colon cancer screening visit,

Overview of Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS), Dr. Mehendiratta

Dr. Mehendiratta from Connecticut GI provides an overview of Endoscopic Ultrasound or EUS. To learn more about this procedure visit

Colon Cancer Screening Options Dr Parikh

Neil Parikh, MD from Connecticut GI discusses patient options for colon cancer screening. Visit for more information.

Blue Moon Gala Dr Johnson

Dr. Maria Johnson from Connecticut GI and the Hartford Healthcare GI Women's Health Center discusses colon cancer screening and the Blue Moon Gala.

Capsule Endoscopy Jeffrey Weiser MD

Jeffrey Weiser, MD from Connecticut GI provides a brief overview of Capsule Endoscopy.

John Wysocki, MD; Differences between IBS and IBD

John Wysocki, MD describes the differences between IBS and IBD, basic treatment options, and what a patients first step may be. Interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wysocki? Visit and request an appointment.

Acid Reflux Theraputic Options

Dr. Chaletsky discusses acid reflux and treatment options .

Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (Poem)

Benefits of POEM Procedure for those with swallowing disorders.