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Connecticut GI providers are among the most reputable and distinguished gastroenterologists across the nation. Focused on clinical excellence and patient-centered care, our specialists seek to be the partner you need in your quest for better health. We value patient feedback and appreciate every review we receive from those we are privileged to treat. For your convenience, we have gathered a collection of reviews, stories, and testimonials from patients who have visited our practices. We welcome you to explore the feedback below to learn more about what it means to be a patient of our Connecticut gastroenterology practice.

5.0 Review from C. Source: Google Jul 12 2024

"Dr. Smedley is very attentive and thoughtful."

5.0 Review from A.M. Source: Google Apr 05 2024

"Dr Smedley caught a message I started. I wasn’t really sure what to say and didn’t finish. Her office called and set up a Teledoc visit to discuss. Her quick response was very proactive and hopefully all will be resolved."

5.0 Review from N.P. Source: Google Mar 22 2024

"Very pleasant, answered all my questions and concerns. I would recommend Dr. Smedley to anyone."

5.0 Review from B.B. Source: Google Mar 11 2024

"Dr. Smedley is an excellent physician, who is always available either online, through Facetime or in person. Her staff also responds, when a request or medical problem is posted, and promptly returns calls. Dr. Smedley is very calm, caring and goes above and beyond to deliver good care to her patients."

5.0 Review from U.I. Source: Google Mar 01 2024

"Dr.Smedley is really good. She listens to patients, suggest ideas and follow-up promptly. I highly recommend Dr.Smedley."

5.0 Review from B.B. Source: Google Feb 23 2024

"Dr. Smedley is an excellent physician, who is always available either online, through Facetime or in person. Her staff also responds, when a request or medical problem is posted, and promptly returns calls. Dr. Smedley is very calm, caring and goes above and beyond to deliver good care to her patients."

5.0 Review from C.T. Source: Google Feb 14 2024

"Dr. Smedley and her team are truly the best!"

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Google Dec 08 2023

"Dr Smedley took time to review and answer all questions."

5.0 Review from N. Source: Google Nov 29 2023

"Amazing doctor!"

5.0 Review from T.S. Source: Google Nov 16 2023

"Always happy to visit with doctor Smedley great doctor very helpful her staff is great"

4.0 Review from L.W. Source: Google Nov 16 2023

"Very nice, and knowledgeable. Very clean offices. Very punctual. Convenient location."

5.0 Review from A. Source: Google May 30 2023

"My experience was great, she did my upper and lower endoscopy. Was very friendly, I was in and out. I was very anxious luckily everyone was very nice and wasn't as bad as I thought. I highly recommend Dr. Smedley."

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Google Nov 30 2022

"A+ doctor! Thank you Dr. Smedley! I appreciate you and your staff!"

5.0 Review from R.H. Source: Google Nov 30 2022

"Yesterday I had my first colonoscopy to celebrate turning 50. Also my dad died of colon cancer in his 70s. Dr. Smedley was kind, thorough in her explanation when I met her in the procedure room, and with a good sense of humor. As a woman I chose and was thankful that she, as a highly accomplished gastroenterologist, was available to do my procedure. The CNA anesthetist was funny and also made me comfortable with going under. Every nurse or office staff person that I encountered leading up to the camera up my butt was amazing. My only suggestions for improvement would be a reminder call 3 days before the procedure to go over the specifics of the prep. The brochure I received in the mail months prior to the event listed 3 variations and Dr. Smedley's was one of them, but there was a recall on the usual awful drink mix so another was prescribed, but only after I called the day before to ask questions about prep. Also the recovery nurse was... less than awesome. I requested a few more crackers which I didn't get, an warm blanket which I eventually got, and an ice pack that was delivered but as if I was a bother. I was coming out of the propofol daze and really needed more support. Then I was sort of rushed out and they didn't even send me off with the rest of my ginger ale... doesn't sound like a big deal but of course you are seriously hungry and thirsty after 30 hrs on a liquid died and no anything for the 4 hrs prior to the procedure. So the post-op experience was disappointing, but Dr. Smedley and the rest of the experience was fantastic (as much as a colonoscopy can be)"

5.0 Review from A.W. Source: Google Nov 30 2022

"Dr. Smedley is an outstanding doctor in my experience. I would recommend her without reservation."

4.0 Review from K. Source: Google Nov 30 2022

"Dr Smedley is very pleasant, and thorough. However, the follow up was not the greatest. I had bloodwork done and it took several weeks (over a month) of repeated messages and phone calls to get a response. Not sure why that was. It has been resolved now (I hope) but it was definitely frustrating as you await advice from the team even if your issue is not as pressing as other patients. Overall, it was a good experience minus the follow-up delay."

5.0 Review from J.“. Source: Google Nov 30 2021

"Dr. Smedley and all the staff at CTGI are just fabulous. I can’t say enough about what a well run, first class operation it is. Everything went like clockwork and their new facilities are state of the art. They make what can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience completely the opposite. Cudos to all at CTGI."

5.0 Review from H.M. Source: Google Nov 30 2021

"Dr Smedley is amazing. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her."

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Google Nov 30 2021

"Dr. Smedley is a good listener and has great bedside manner. Her vast knowledge about two issues I have for many years - diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease - is why I attend her. Good empathy level with a strong desire to work as a team with you, for your disease management. I consider her a blessing."

5.0 Review from T.N. Source: Google Nov 30 2021

"This was my first experience at having an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy procedure. The staff and Dr. Smedley made me feel like I was in great hands and well cared for. Highly recommend this facility and provider."

5.0 Review from D.A. Source: Google Nov 30 2021

"I recently had an endoscopy and colonoscopy with Dr. Smedley, this was done in the new Bloomfield office, from the minute I arrived, working with the medical team to prep me before the procedure, and through the complete examination to recovery, all involved were very helpful, friendly, professional and courteous. I have been treated by Dr. Smedley and her staff for years, I am very happy and thankful for their service."

5.0 Review from S.K. Source: Google Nov 30 2018

"This MD listens to her patient's and takes time to hear their needs; I would highly recommend her to any patient with IBD and needs to be heard for their symptoms and optimal control as well as quality of life."

5.0 Review from S.G. Source: Google Nov 30 2017

"I've known Dr. Smedley professionally and personally. She is an excellent GI doctor, knowledgeable, available and caring. I would recommend her to anyone. I am a registered nurse and my husband has been under her care as well as our daughter."

5.0 Review from G.Q. Source: Google Nov 30 2015

"My wife and I have been loyal patients Dr. Smedley three years. She is very professional and I one of the most caring doctors I have ever been to, Dr. Smedley will go above and beyond the call of duty by taking the time to listen to every question and every concern regarding your health. I have found the staff of Connecticut GI to be professional and treats every patient as a member of their family,"